Sharon Kaye is the driving inspiration at SLKConsultancy. With a multitude of experience in management, retail, internet sales, accounts and payroll, she has an all round understanding of business from MD to shop floor worker to business and consumer customers.

Sharon began her career working at AC Graphics, as a typesetter for various publications, including Airgunner, Rugby World, Concrete magazines and more.

She then moved on to become a Staff Trainer and Associate with Harvester Restaurants, who were part of Forte Plc. Once Sharon had completed her training in the bar, restaurant and kitchen, she then became a staff trainer and also trained future managers for the group, when the branch became a training house. She also worked with the Catering Manager for the group of 110 restaurants, with menu planning and development. Along with 3 other employees of the branch, Sharon was the first employee to achieve Associate status, which was a new initiative launched by the company, to empower employees to take ownership of the business, understanding how to increase profitability and sales.

There then followed a move up North and a six year spell with Mansfield Brewery as a manager of a pub, restaurant and function suite for 350 guests. With full responsibility and accountability for site profitability, achieving sales and wage targets, as well as managing a staff of 90 and net sales turnover of just under a million pounds.

From 2001 Sharon worked in finance and marketing initially, implementing the marketing plan for 2 garden centres and a furniture shop. This role further developed and in 2008 Sharon was responsible for researching an online presence for the garden centre and actioning the development plan. In 2009 GreatGardensOnline.com launched which was later followed by UK-Shredders.com.


With increasing financial pressures, many business owners are working 12-18 hour days, and often 7 days a week. Sometimes you have run a good business for 20 years, but times are a lot more difficult now, so it is always a good idea to step back, look at your business from your customer's point of view, and ask yourself what could I be doing better? Could I be more efficient? Am I getting the best return on my investment? When times are hard, you can batten down the hatches, or you can say I am going to go out there and show everyone how good we are at what we do! SLK Consultancy are not run of the mill business consultants, but will help you assess your operation, agree your short term objectives and help you to action and achieve them.

Fancied launching your business on the internet but don't know where to begin? Paying rent on premises selling products, and wish you could sell more? That's where we can help. With experience with webshops of 6 to thousands of products, as well as selling on Ebay and Amazon. SLK Consultancy can guide you through the process, increase your revenue and help with the pitfalls so that your business is more profitable!

This is an ever growing medium. Do you continue to use leaflet drops, press advertising or should you be focusing on the internet such as yell.com and google SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (pay per click) adverts? Or as many people find, all of the above! How do you make your budget stretch far enough? What is going to produce you the best results? With experience with local and national press, radio, SEO, Google and more, we can help you assess where best to spend your money, and arrange for an all inclusive package for you.

Are you one of those people who gives your bookkeeper or accountant a shoebox of receipts? Do you stop and look at your cashflow? Do you need a Girl Friday to come in short term and set up some systems for you so your back office can run seamlessly? SLKConsultancy can ensure you achieve this. Good knowledge of Sage Payroll and Accounts means we can set up computerised systems for you, or even some basic spreadsheets and files so that you can easily manage what you do, and spend as little or as much as you need for your business requirements.

Whatever your business needs are, SLKConsultancy work with you, to drive YOUR business forward. Contact Us for more details - 07525 047725 or email sharonkaye@live.co.uk


SLK Consultancy, based in the National Forest, can coach you or your staff to achieve the goals we agree before we start work.  Whether it's increasing profits, improving customer satisfaction or managing employee capability we can help.  With over 20 years training and coaching experience and proven business success you can be sure we know our stuff and can deliver!


It is the boom word at the moment. High street struggling but internet sales 30% up year on year! Wouldn't our bank be happy if we could show our business revenue increasing like that?

But with costs increasing, we need sales AND profitability and that is where the internet is much harder to conquer. It is very price competitive as with smart phones and QR codes, it is getting easier and easier for shoppers to compare prices whilst standing in your shop.

BUT there is still a huge growth area out there, and SLKConsultancy can help you achieve that faster and guide you through the process, and put it into place for you. This combined with a great marketing strategy and superb customer service that your customers already know you for, will help YOU achieve your goals, in increasing your sales.


Online marketing is the buzz word, but offline still has a part to play in most businesses too. And before you can blink, it's changed again!

With experience of negotiating with reps on local newspapers right through to national campaigns, we can help you evaluate your advertising and see if you can get it cheaper. Need help in writing press releases about an up and coming event, or setting up your own Facebook page or haven't got clue what Tweeting is??? As complicated or as simple as you need it to be, SLKConsultancy can help.


Where would we be without the support of our team behind us? Whether it be husband or wife in the office, or is it that job that you never get round to, until the deadline is on top of you???

It takes twice as long to look for historical information, than to get into good housekeeping habits where your accounts and office systems are concerned. And what happens if you don't have that support network, and you are busy dealing with orders or enquiries from 8 in the morning to 6 at night?

That's where we can introduce some simple systems, help with computerised accounts, which may even reduce your accountancy or book keeping costs. Or just help out when some temporary cover is required.